Now Everyone Can Own A Pool

The time has come – you are planning your own swimming pool. You’ve got the space and a rough idea of what it will look like – now all you need is the right technology and the right partner to make it happen.

Wymic Pools specializing in designing custom fiber and concrete swimming pool system for both commercial & residential properties. We have the best selection of fiberglass pools for you to choose from for your swimming pool installation project.

Our swimming pools are durable and easy to maintain. Wymic Pools designs are equip with many options and our swimming pools adopt the latest technology approach that are chemical free.

We have 38 years with swimming pools installation and you can expect the best in customer service and support throughout the swimming pool building process.

Give us a call today to schedule your swimming pool design consultation. We will answer all your questions, look at your yard and help you navigate your options to create the swimming pool of your dreams.

Our Pool System Advantages

No pump room

No pipe works

No chlorine

The 3E’s of Wymic Pools


  • 3 steps to own a pool
  • Maintenance is easier
  • No filter to backwash


  • Cheaper to build your pool
  • Without a pump room, we need less power for the pumps to operate. This entails to a lower monthly electrical cost


  • Less friction losses due to absence of pipes or valves
  • No valves to manipulate i.e. open/shut of valves over time causes it to introduce air into the system. This reduces the efficiency

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